Friday, June 28, 2013

End of the Year Teacher Gifts

WOO HOO!!! Summer is officially here!!!
My DD finished up grade 5 yesterday so it was time to hand out end of the year Teacher gifts.
She has two teachers this year who also happen to be the Principal and Vice Principal so both teachers are busy pulling double duty.
First off, her main teacher is a man, and teacher gifts for male teachers are a lot more difficult to come up with than gifts for female teachers. Pinterest helped me out though and I adapted an idea I found for a father's day gift. You can check out the original idea here.
Luckily her teacher is addicted to golf so that made the theme of the gift pretty easy to come up with.
We bought a jar of golf tee's and decorated the jar using the Swagger Collection from Fancy Pants Designs.
I had to let go of my inner control freak a bit when doing this project and let my daughter do what she the end it turned out pretty cute and her teacher really liked it...especially the puns :)

We had a ton of fun creating the project for her other teacher. Mrs. Sartorel loves bright colors so we gave them to her!!!
We found these short pencil crayons that worked great to hot glue around the container. I had to manage my control freak again (LOL) and let my daughter glue the pencil crayons on by can see that some of them are a little crooked, but I guess that's okay ;)

We made two pens into flowers and put them into the container that we filled with Quinoa so they would stand up. Now it can sit on the teacher's desk and no one will be able to accidentally walk away with her pen!!!
I hope you were able to find some inspiration for your own teacher gifts!
Have a great summer!

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