Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Starting from the Same Place Artist Collaboration

Hello Friends!

Wow, it's been a long time since I've had the time to do a blog post! And honestly my creativity has not been flowing for some time now...

That is why when I saw Tina Walkers call for Artists interested in participating in this Starting from the Same Place Collaboration, I knew that this might be something to help give me my spark back!

The idea of this collaboration was that all of the artists (over 60 of us!!) all began with the same package of goodies to use. Some of the resin shapes were different but everything else was the same.

Here is what we were given to work with...

We were allowed to add what ever else we wanted from our own stash as long as we used everything from the original kit as well. It is amazing to see how different all the projects turned out!

I was inspired by the butterflies in my kit and used them as a starting off point for a project for my daughter's room.

Here is the final project,
 and now I'll share some of the details of my project...
I painted a coat of white paint over my butterfly and then used watercolour paints to add the beautiful colours. I cut the spokes off of my chipboard gears and painted them white to make the circle shape that is under the butterfly, and I pulled my bakers twine apart into thinner strands to make the pile of string below that.

 The base of my project is the large piece of grey felt from my kit. I used yellow paint with the included stencil to add some pretty yellow details to the top and bottom.

 I used the little word flashcard to write the words YOU WERE MADE and TO on, and then cut them out and added the words to my sentiment. The word SOAR was cut out twice on my Silhouette and layered.
 I coloured the small flower like I did with the butterfly using watercolour paints and then I clustered it with some fabric tape I found in my craft room.

 The half circle is another of the gears with the spokes cut off, and then painted white.
My little butterfly diecut and the patterned paper are from Pretty Little Studio.

 I kept the resisters all together in bundle and took the fabric scrap from my kit and ripped it into strips that I used to weave between the wires of the resisters.

The numbers here at the bottom of my project were cut off the ViewMaster disk and I used my little clear stone over the number 1 to add emphasis to it.

So that's my project. Here's another close up of the whole thing. I hope you like! This was a really fun project and I'm glad I took the plunge and participated. Thanks Tina!!!!

Also, big thanks to sponsors, Beacon Adhesives, Amazing Casting Products and StencilGirl

I'd love to read your kind comments.

Have a great day


  1. Oh, it's beautiful, I love it!

  2. A very bright a fun take on the challenge!

  3. This is so pretty, love how you coloured the butterfly!

  4. Such a beautiful collage! I love how the "soar" sentiment color seems to be drawn from the resistor ceramics and the pretty peach is a gorgeous coordinating color. Beautiful! Hope this brought your mojo back! :)

  5. Absolutely adore your project!!!! So, so, so very pretty!!! Glad to have been able to create together with you on this collab!! 😊

  6. I really love how you 'weaved' the resistors into the fabric!

  7. The color palette you chose is stunning! I love the ombre butterfly.

  8. This is such a pretty take on the kit. I love these colours.

  9. Love the colors and the resistor weaving!


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